Words Fall Short

Verse 1
Just a hint of Your beauty, it blinds me
My heart breaks in the dawn of Your light
I tremble at a glimpse of Your glory
I’m made low by Your sacrifice

Verse 2
I reel from the weight of my redemption
Overwhelmed in the depths of Your love
The constance of Your promise takes my breath away
I’m overcome by Your grace, Your extravagant grace

What do I say when words lose their way
In search of You
How do I find what can’t be seen
with my eyes
How can I know what can’t be conceived
Grasp what must be perceived.
the beauty of this mystery

Take me into infinity
Take me into the immensities of Your love
Take me where I fall to my knees
from the gravity
and I raise my hands and my heart sings
alleluia… alleluia…. alleluia
and I breathe your name….
alleluia…. alleluia… alleluia
Your holy name…